International FELDENKRAIS® Training



For 20 years, FELDENKRAIS® training programs have been offered in Vienna.
The first program took place in Vienna in 1992 and today, we are proud to continue this tradition by offering the Vienna 9 International FELDENKRAIS® Training Program. Yehudit Silver (Israel), the Educational Director of the Vienna 9 International FELDENKRAIS® Training Program will be teaching 90 of the 160 course days. More Trainers will be Anna Maria Caponecchi (Italy), Patrick Gruner (Germany), Stephen Rosenholtz (USA) and Thomas Farnbacher (Germany).

Get-to-know-you workshops with Yehudit Silver:

13.10.2019; 15:30-18:30; Don Bosco Haus Wien

15.12.2019; 15:30-18:30; Don Bosco Haus Wien

The Vienna 9 International Feldenkrais® Training Program is not accredited by the EuroTab so far. Currently we are working on the process.

The Vienna 8 International FELDENKRAIS® Training Program successfully started in June 2017.

The Vienna 8 International FELDENKRAIS@ Training Program with Jeremy Krauss as Educational Director succussfully started on June 26th 2017. We have a wonderful group of students from Austria, Russia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Germany, Norway, Romania, Italy, Croatia, Switzerland.

If you are interested in the Vienna 9 International Feldenkrais Training Program please feel free to visit us in the Vienna 8 Training Program as a guest for a day free of charge. Here you find the dates of the remaining segments of the Vienna 8 Training Program.

„Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.“

~ Moshé Feldenkrais