Gudrun Esterer

Gudrun Esterer

FELDENKRAIS® Assistant Trainer

Gudrun Esterer has been a constant member of our training team since the foundation of Feldenkrais Training Vienna. In the first years she accompanied our training programs as Practitioner, and since 2020 as Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer.

Gudrun has more than 30 years of Feldenkrais experience. Very early she got to know and appreciate the Feldenkrais Method during her Studies of Figure Theater (HDMK Stuttgart). Since then, body awareness, perception and movement have been an essential basis for her artistic development in various fields: Video Art, Performance, Photography (Studies of Free Art, HBK Saarbrücken).

She completed her Feldenkrais training in Berlin with Marc Reese and Donna Ray. Since 2004 she has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method in her own practice in Vienna, Weinviertel and Munich. Diverse experiences in Feldenkrais training programs (Vienna and Munich), in numerous Advanced Trainings and Master Classes with Jeremy Krauss, Yehudit Silver, Moti Nativ and Jeff Haller (IOPS Academy), among others, and her artistic background shape her special teaching style.

Gudrun has been organizing and teaching “Supervision Days” and international “Feldenkrais Study Group Meetings” for students and graduates of Feldenkrais training programs since 2018. Exploring different topics together provides a valuable, creative and complementary framework to support each student’s individual development.

“Art and life mean for me to be constantly in process. Learning, maturing and developing one’s potential are always creative processes for me. It fascinates me to influence and shape these processes through practicing the Feldenkrais Method and it reassures me that this process will never end. – What I have learned in all these years? – To be present in the here and now!”

In addition to her work as a Feldenkrais teacher and assistant trainer, Gudrun is a freelance photographer and regularly undertakes photo trips in Europe, Asia, and USA.