Michael Priesner

Michael Priesner

Administrative Director, FELDENKRAIS® Assistant Trainer, JKA – Practitioner

Michael Priesner is the founder of Feldenkrais-Training-Vienna and thus your contact for any questions about the services of this Web site.

He is responsible for the whole administration of Vienna 8 and will be present throughout the entire training program. As an assistant trainer Michael will also be involved in the educational formation of the training program.

Michael completed his training as a FELDENKRAIS® practitioner in 2004 during the Vienna FELDENKRAIS® Training Program 2.

Michael has had his own FELDENKRAIS® practice in Vienna since 2005.

A passionate skier, Michael has been offering skiing and ski touring classes combined with the Feldenkrais-method since 2004. These programs are primarily held in Vorarlberg (Austria) and are part of Ski!Projekt, a program he co-directs.

In 2017 Michael founded the Grundstein Institut Wien. The Grundstein Institut is a center for the Feldenkrais-Method and the Jeremy Krauss Approach.