Advanced training with DANIELA SINAPI

Rehabilitation Therapist and Trainer Candidate of the Feldenkrais-method

When: September 27th -September 30th 2018, 10:00-16:30; Introduction Day: September 26th 2018, 10:00 – 16:30
Where: Don Bosco Haus Wien, St. Veit Gasse 25, 1130 Wien
Costs: 450 Euro incl. 20% VAT; Costs for the introduction day: 112,50 Euro incl. 20% VAT

In September 2017 Daniela Sinapi has been teaching an advanced training regarding SCOLIOSIS OF THE SKULL here in Vienna. We are happy to announce that Daniela will be teaching a continuation of that particular advanced training, as it has been the expressed wish of the participants to learn more about this fascinating topic.

For those who didn´t participate in the first part of the advanced training, we offer an introduction day on September 26th 2018.

This specialized advanced program


  • Lecture on the functional anatomy of the head; focusing on torsions and scoliosis of the skull, as well as its relationship with the first two cervical vertebrae and the rest of the spine
  • Function and structure of the temporomandibular joints and the tongue, swallowing and the relationship of these elements in the gravitational field
  • the organization of the head in relation to the whole body
  • Execution and analysis of a series of theme-related ATM lessons
  • Demonstration of specific approaches in FI
  • Insights on functional thinking that support the work of ATM and FI
  • Practical application, hands-on-work
  • Discussion and Supervision

As she shares her experience and knowledge of many decades of working in the field of rehabilitation and learning, Daniela Sinapi provides unique insights into the workings of the human body and mind.  Her direct and clear approach allows for a deep understanding of complex relationships as she guides us on a way to discover them for ourselves.