Anxiety patterns – principles and ways of coping in the Feldenkrais-method

Feldenkrais advanced training with Yehudit Silver, (Israel).

FELDENKRAIS® often deals with issues of anxiety and survival. Fear is the only instinct that inhibits movement.

Experienced FELDENKRAIS® Trainer Yehudit Silver is a close student of Prof. Alon Talmi, who dealt extensively in understanding the connection between the body and the soul. Yehudit will teach us quick and effective ways to release the physical symptoms of the anxiety pattern. This approach restores the flexibility of the muscles, the movement, and stability of the skeleton, and thus the ability to physically and mentally cope with anxiety-provoking situations in life.

The techniques, which Yehudit shares with us in this advanced training, soothe the arousal of the nervous system, and deliver clear information to the brain to identify anxiety. She provides tools, that enable the learner to quickly exit from the anxiety pattern and resume healthy function.

Where: Don Bosco Haus Wien, St. Veit Gasse 25, 1130 Wien

When: Segment 1: April 18th to April 22nd 2018

Segment 2: October 17th to October 21st 2018

Costs: 560€ per Segment, (Incl. 20% VAT)