Vienna 8 Lessons

The classes

In order to create an ideal learning environment, the Vienna FELDENKRAIS® Training Program attaches great importance to the daily presence of a large teaching team.

We find it particularly important for:

Both a female and a male teacher to be present at all times. Enough teachers to be present to answer the student’s questions both in English and German.

The teaching team:

The team consists of at least one trainer, one or two assistant trainers (depending on the size of the group), and two training practitioners.

Assistant trainers bring at least eight years of professional experience to the task and are accredited by the European FELDENKRAIS® Association. They are in preparation to become fully accredited trainers and form an essential part of the teaching team.

Training practitioners have been practicing on their own for at least five years. They provide support for the teaching team and give FELDENKRAIS® Functional Integration lessons to the students.

Teaching methods:

FELDENKRAIS® Awareness Through Movement lessons, demonstrations of FELDENKRAIS® Functional Integration teaching techniques, as well as lectures and discussions, are held in groups.

Small groups enable students to learn from and with one another.

Audiovisual media—including original material from Moshé Feldenkrais—enhance the learning process.

Students come together in small study groups between training segments in order to regularly review the latest training materials.

Students receive audio of every training segment, including all the FELDENKRAIS® Awareness Through Movement lessons and select lectures. This allows you to continue practicing and learning between segments.

One-on-one lessons:

Throughout the four-year training program, you will receive at least 12 lessons in FELDENKRAIS® Functional Integration from the teaching team.

Supervision in between segments:

The material of the Vienna 8 Training Program will be original material from the Educational Director Jeremy Krauss. Under his guidance Michael Priesner ( Assitant Trainer) will offer from the third year on review and coaching sessions in between the segments. This offer is optional and available for all students of the Vienna 8 FELDENKRAIS® Training Program .

Additional offer:

Since FELDENKRAIS® work can touch on deep underlying issues, we offer one-on-one consultations to clarify or go deeper into any topics or questions that may arise.

Dr. Maria Althann is available by appointment for such in-depth consultations. She has been a FELDENKRAIS® practitioner since 2004 and, as a qualified social worker, has many years of experience in support, consulting, and counseling. Her mother tongue is german.