Vienna 9 Curicculum


Curriculum FELDENKRAIS® Training Vienna 9

Like all internationally accredited FELDENKRAIS® Training Programs, this program also consists of 160 course days over a period of four years. The training program can be pursued as an extra-occupational activity. The training program is held in English. A high-school graduate level of English is sufficient.

During the first year of the FELDENKRAIS® Training Program, you become acquainted with the most important aspects of the Feldenkrais-method. The focus is on lessons in FELDENKRAIS® Awareness Through Movement (ATM).

You also acquire a solid foundation in FELDENKRAIS® Functional Integration, conducted in one-on-one lessons. This experience opens you up to new paths of sensing, feeling, and acting.

By observing both yourself and others, you come to acquire a refined perception of movement and an improved understanding of learning processes.

You are also given the opportunity to explore the method’s theoretical aspects.

The focus of the second year is on FELDENKRAIS® Awareness Through Movement teaching: You become immersed in it, discovering and experiencing its wide range of aspects. You learn how to design your own lessons for specific groups and occasions.

Highly experienced FELDENKRAIS® teachers supervise you throughout the entire year as you learn to teach.

Toward the end of the second year, you do an internship on FELDENKRAIS® Awareness Through Movement. As part of this internship, you receive feedback concerning your teaching abilities, skills, and style, as well as your understanding of the method.

Once you have completed the internship, you receive a temporary FELDENKRAIS® Awareness Through Movement teaching license; this allows you to teach your own classes and groups.

Following your successful completion of the four-year training program, your temporary license is exchanged for a full official license for practicing FELDENKRAIS® Awareness Through Movement.

The third year focuses on the development of FELDENKRAIS® Functional Integration skills.

You are given the chance to develop a series of lessons pertaining to the FELDENKRAIS® Functional Integration area of the Feldenkrais-method by integrating functional ideas acquired in the FELDENKRAIS® Awareness Through Movement area.

During this phase of the training program, you are given the opportunity to try out your skills on volunteers; these guests kindly agree to let students demonstrate their lessons on them.

By conducting such lessons yourself—as well as observing your fellow students—you accumulate valuable experience about specific needs, challenges, and learning objectives.

The fourth year focuses on particularly difficult, functionally unusual patterns and issues which may arise during advanced applications of FELDENKRAIS® Functional Integration.

Similarly to the third year, and under the supervision of master teachers, you have the opportunity of practicing FELDENKRAIS® Functional Integration lessons on volunteers.

These lessons are carried out in an internship setting. You receive feedback regarding your teaching skills, sensitivity, and theoretical understanding of FELDENKRAIS® Functional Integration.

Graduation brings the fourth year to a close. A graduation certificate is awarded to all participants who successfully meet the learning objectives.


You can apply here for the Vienna 9 Feldenkrais Training Program.


The Vienna 9 International FELDENKRAIS® Training Program is accredited and recognized by the European FELDENKRAIS® Training and Accreditation Board and by the FELDENKRAIS® Verband Österreich, the Austrian Guild. Our graduates can become a member in any FELDENKRAIS® Guild worldwide and have the full guarantee that their education and certificate is recognized anywhere in the world.


Throughout the training program, certain rules of attendance apply: If you miss more than 10 days of training throughout the four years, or more than five days in a row, you must make up those missed days during another training program.


After completing your second year of study, you enjoy the status of FELDENKRAIS® teacher-in-training: You can and should teach FELDENKRAIS® Awareness Through Movement classes. Should you break off the training program, however, this status expires.


Upon successfully completing your fourth year of training, you also become qualified to practice FELDENKRAIS® Functional Integration.